Acrimony x Civility

Acrimony lived alone in the wilderness;
In hope of becoming estranged to the wicked, he fled civilization
And a nomad he became.

He wandered the world,
To find himself,
And to remember his true name.

In search of meaning, he lost what remained.
He longed for sanity;
But only found hatred, resentment, and pain.

Then entered Civility, a woman of the city he had left behind;
She was strong and filled with purpose
And beauty resounded from her small frame.

She traveled not to find herself
But to offer what she had to the world,
For the earth was hers to claim.

In her, Acrimony found the encouragement he needed
To find the path he had strayed from,
And to become Benevolence, a man without refrain.

In him, Civility found the strength she needed
To accomplish her purpose,
And to become Felicity, a woman without constraint.

They found each other by chance of a higher power;
To love and be loved,
They would never be the same.

Jordan McFarlen

Meant To Be

They say what’s meant to be will be;
Well, I can’t wait ’til it’s you and me.

Jordan McFarlen

A Sinner in a Saint’s Disguise

As I became a sinner in a saint’s disguise,
Lustful eyes lead me to my own demise.
With a soul divided, as the Red Sea,
I desperately tried to replace love with fantasy.
The devil’s workshop my idle hands became;
And for which the decisions I made, the agony remains.

Jordan McFarlen


Beauty in a boundless smile;
Glory in her eyes as she walks down the aisle.

The peace of Christ rules in their hearts;
Two designed to become one from the start.

Bone of his bones, flesh of his flesh;
He looks into her eyes, and there he finds rest.

Jordan McFarlen

I’m Coming Home

Hymns resonate from the speakers;
Driving with my eyes closed, I’m praying as I shift gears.
Zion ahead of me; I’m coming home.

Jordan McFarlen


They say distance makes the heart grow fonder,
Maybe that’s why we were both born to wander.

Jordan McFarlen

15 Minutes

His ringtone interrupts the song that’s playing;
His stomach drops and his hands start shaking.
It’s been months since they spoke last;
He didn’t think she would call him back.
He answers the phone;
She says hello and they begin to talk,
Hearing her voice was so much harder than he thought.
15 minutes pass and the conversation’s over;
So much has changed, he feels like doesn’t know her.
He holds back tears as they say goodbye;
Knowing this would be the final time.

Jordan McFarlen