Meant To Be

They say what’s meant to be will be;
Well, I can’t wait ’til it’s you and me.

Jordan McFarlen


A Sinner in a Saint’s Disguise

As I became a sinner in a saint’s disguise,
Lustful eyes lead me to my own demise.

With a soul as divided as the Red Sea,
I desperately tried to replace love with fantasy.

The devil’s workshop my idle hands became;
And for which the decisions I made, the agony remains.

Jordan McFarlen


Beauty in a boundless smile;
Glory in her eyes as she walks down the aisle.

The peace of Christ rules in their hearts;
Two designed to become one from the start.

Bone of his bones, flesh of his flesh;
He looks into her eyes, and there he finds rest.

Jordan McFarlen

15 Minutes

His ringtone interrupts the song that’s playing;
His stomach drops and his hands start shaking.
It’s been months since they spoke last;
He didn’t think she would call him back.
He answers the phone;
She says hello and they begin to talk,
Hearing her voice was so much harder than he thought.
15 minutes pass and the conversation’s over;
So much has changed, he feels like doesn’t know her.
He holds back tears as they say goodbye;
Knowing this would be the final time.

Jordan McFarlen