A Living Testimony

I see the forests;
The mountains and the stars.
They speak so clearly of who You are.

I see the birds;
The creatures of the earth.
They speak so clearly of who You are.

Then I see the mirror;
The pain, insecurity, and fear,
And I forget who You are.

Then I see my past;
All that was that didn’t last,
And I forget who You are.

But You remind me;
I am Your greatest creation.
A reflection of the Maker,
I am made in Your image.

My negative thoughts;
All of my comparisons,
Are not who You say I am.
I am made in Your image.

Create in me a clean heart;
Breathe life back into me.
Your greatest work of art,
A living testimony.

Jordan McFarlen


To My Present Self

I’m living within a shadow of myself;
I’ve realized that’s all I have left.
I married my past,
Instead of putting it to death.

Whatever you do, don’t be like me.

I let my sin take hold,
When I should have been washed clean.
I wanted attention;
I wanted to be seen.

Now look at me;
My blood is on the floor.
Instead of being covered in scars,
My skin bares open sores.

Each one a reminder of who I was, of who you still are.

I never let go;
I never said no.
I filled myself with doubt,
Because I told myself I couldn’t live without.

You can be better;
You can be whole.
Don’t let your past define you,
It’s not worth your soul.

Jordan McFarlen


A world of broken promises,
And broken dreams;
Broken hearts,
And broken beings.
In need of a perfect savior,
A risen king;
One in which they believe,
Though they have not seen.

Jordan McFarlen

Acrimony x Civility

Acrimony lived alone in the wilderness;
In hope of becoming estranged to the wicked, he fled civilization
And a nomad he became.

He wandered the world,
To find himself,
And to remember his true name.

In search of meaning, he lost what remained.
He longed for sanity;
But only found hatred, resentment, and pain.

Then entered Civility, a woman of the city he had left behind;
She was strong and filled with purpose
And beauty resounded from her small frame.

She traveled not to find herself
But to offer what she had to the world,
For the earth was hers to claim.

In her, Acrimony found the encouragement he needed
To find the path he had strayed from,
And to become Benevolence, a man without refrain.

In him, Civility found the strength she needed
To accomplish her purpose,
And to become Felicity, a woman without constraint.

They found each other by chance of a higher power;
To love and be loved,
They would never be the same.

Jordan McFarlen