Trapped in the back seat;
The Bible is hidden from our view.
We’re turning toward a hopeless savior,
Because the devil told us to.
Empty prayers to a silent God;
The doors to freedom were the last to lock.

Jordan McFarlen



Never who he was meant to be;
The demons inside, he never let them see.

Jordan McFarlen


He ventured to the unknown;
To escape life and those he had known.
It wasn’t for him, this life before;
So began his search, the search for more.
And what he sought, he did find;
But what he was looking for, he had already left behind.

Jordan McFarlen


She left her heart on that island,
As she sailed away
And denied him.

He was the one she needed,
But she struggled to see it.

So she left him behind,
As she fell prey to the lies.

And her tears, they did subside,
But only in time
To see the storm approaching the shoreline.

Jordan McFarlen