I Can’t See the Light

I’ve been trapped in this tunnel—
Forty nights;
Help me, Lord,
I can’t see the light.

Jordan McFarlen



Lying awake in your bed;
There’s no cure for loneliness.
The light begins to flicker;
Here they come:

Jordan McFarlen


I’m drawn to the screen like a moth to a flame;
It maims my passion and it rots my brain.
I’m living in everyone’s best day
As my own life wastes away.
Instead of celebration, jealousy takes its toll.
I want to live well, but I don’t think I can do it on my own.
I’m trapped in a box that I swiped to unlock;
A mindless sheep, another one in the flock.

Jordan McFarlen

With Every Breath

He rushes out into the wilderness—not in desperation, but in hope;
In hope there are brighter days ahead.

She wakes from her sleep in an empty bed and dirty sheets.
Outside of her window, the sun slowly sets over another wasted day.

He parks his car at the trailhead
And begins his lonesome walk to sun’s set.

She gathers herself and swings her legs out of bed.
Stretching, she makes her way to the bathroom mirror.

He breathes heavy,
His passion driving him forward.

She sighs, wiping the makeup from her face
While she tries to remember the night before.

Jordan McFarlen