The Father



Is it really you?

Of course.

How did you find me?

I didn’t have to.

It’s been over a year.

Has it?

Ever since…

I know.

Why are you here?

I’ve always been here.

I didn’t see you.

You chose not to.


It’s okay.

I’m sorry.

You’re forgiven.

Jordan McFarlen


Grace Abandoned

Your perspective will deviate
Until you believe you can’t change.
Your perception of God will become
What you make Him to be.

You’ll forget what it means
To be set free, truly loved, and redeemed.
You’ll believe every door is closed,
And turn your back on those who need you most.

You’ll lose hope, isolate yourself,
And go through the motions.
You’ll live by self-regard, follow your own heart,
And your own devotions.

You won’t finish the race set before you,
If you abandon grace and the plan He has for you.

Jordan McFarlen