Do I Even Believe

I asked for a mountain;
You gave me a hill.
I saw it for what it was,
Yet I feel it still.

So abandon me in the desert,
Leave me to die;
Throw me in the river,
While You look into my eyes.

Show me faith isn’t easy;
Everything I thought I knew,
Take it away,
If it isn’t You.

Jordan McFarlen


Let Me Figure This Out

One day, every day
Won’t end with a bad night.
One day, every day
Won’t end with a fight.
Let me figure this out,
I promise I might.

Jordan McFarlen

Thirty-One Kings

Rivers run dry and the sun stands still
When we live according to Your will,
O, God of Israel.

Thirty-one kings and city walls fall
When we look to You above all,
O, God of Israel.

Jordan McFarlen


To be exceptional, one might offend;
For where there is no ladder, one cannot ascend.
In this world, found abhorrent;
Distinction implores one’s very torment.
For there be not room for difference,
Where there is no standard for excellence.

Jordan McFarlen

If We’re Being Honest

Welcome to our large building with a high ceiling;
Be captivated by the stage and flashing lights,
Don’t be bothered by the guitar man whose pants are too tight.

“Love thy neighbor” ;
Oh, by that we mean please shake hands with strangers.
But only those in the pew next you,
We have a schedule we have to stick to.

Three songs in, send in the subsidiary;
Don’t worry, it will be his turn soon,
Just three more years of seminary.

Now that everyone’s had a laugh,
Let’s send up the big man.
Ten to fifteen minutes at most,
Any longer and we might have to wake up the old folks.

Oh, wait, that’s what the last song is for.
And to take a donation,
The gymnasium needs a new floor.

Just a few reminders,
Small groups meet weekly;
If you need to pray, come to the front;
Oh, and Thursdays we feed the homeless.

All right, I think that’s about it.
We’ve almost reached our time limit.
Is there something we’re forgetting?

Jordan McFarlen