Killing Dreams

Every night he would close his eyes and imagine;
From the moment he came to this earth,
He lived with these dreams of what could happen;
And year after year they came to fruition,
Until the night the Dreamer’s dreams collided.
He woke up in a cold sweat and tried to fight it,
But his dreams were killing each other,
And there was nothing he could do to stop them.

Night after night, year after year, the dreams would meet;
Killing each other while the Dreamer tried to sleep.
No longer did he think of what the future could hold;
Instead, he lay awake at night growing cold.
Then, one evening, he laid his head down to rest;
The night before, the final dream had died in vain,
So he fell asleep to the rhythmic beating in his chest.
The dreams didn’t come that night, or ever again.

Jordan McFarlen


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