The King’s Blessing

I must say, my son, do not despair;
The love you lost was ne’er there.
She went with the wind, like a breath of air.

The time quickly approaches
When all will pass, the unfit and atrocious;
And come down to earth, a mighty fortress.

This end will bring a new beginning;
With joy and love surely brimming,
There will be no need for reminiscing,

I will make it so all your days ahead
Will forget you the pain you once had,
And bring to you delight that ne’er ends.

And though you’ll turn your back on me,
Not once or twice but more than three;
I will fight for you—eternally.

I love you dearly, my son;
The battles before you surely will be won;
All the days you live under the sun,
And all the days yet to come.

Jordan McFarlen