Love Not Gained

This country could
Be ours to cross,
But love not gained
Cannot be lost,
So fear and doubt
Keep me away,
Yet give me another
Reason not to stay.

Jordan McFarlen


And I Ran

Everything that could have been
I’ve been running from
And everything in front of me
I closed my eyes so I couldn’t see

And I ran, oh I ran
From my own history
Into the darkness
Headlong into hopeful mystery

For no purpose but to escape
I embraced the wild
My own, free-willed escapade
Left behind, I left it all behind

And I ran, oh I ran
Into the blackest night
Until the stars broke in front of me
Misty-eyed, I kissed eternity

And I was never the same
No, I was never the same
My heart, my soul
My mind had changed

And I ran, oh I ran
Up and into the sky
That blackest night
Broken by eternal light

Jordan McFarlen


In the night you fly
To pillage and conquer—
Like a whisper in the sky,
A soaring, silent hunter.

To rest all day,
Oh, how wise you are—
To take your prey
Under the stars.

Without a sound,
Your taloned feet
Meet the ground—
Another heartbeat down.

Jordan McFarlen