All We Dreamed Before Us

The open road and the traveler’s home.
We breathed in cigarette smoke
As we stepped in that old hotel room.
The desert dust and age-old monuments
Fresh in our minds, it was all we had
And all we dreamed before us.
It was life, it was love—it was wanderlust.

Jordan McFarlen


Wild Animal Way Out

The mountain lion licked me,
And the black bear bit me.
The wolf pack wanted me,
But the grizzly bear got me.

Jordan McFarlen


When I’m hiking through old forests’ trees,
I can’t imagine living in the city.
I’ve seen splendid beauty so few will ever see,
The likes of elves, nymphs, and one peculiar fairy.

The wildest creatures of the mountain.
My first sighting, oh joy, I was overcome.
Hours I waited until my legs were numb
Just for a glimpse of wings reflecting the sun.

Now, these creatures, you see,
(You must excuse me, I mean to say those which I see)
They can be skeptics, just like you, because they don’t believe in me.
Oh, but I believe in them, and soon, you too will see.

Jordan McFarlen

Night Sky’s Goodbye

She sees the new day
As it’s about to break
So she kisses the mountaintops
Before they wake.

Her time had come,
But what joy befell her
In that moment,
When she met the Sun.

The end of one story,
Made perfect by a new one’s beginning,
Fulfilling an everlasting promise,
Sealed by surrender and Love’s bidding.

Oh, what kind of constellation is Cancer
Man may never have the answer.

Jordan McFarlen

Bend, Break

I feel it in my bones
This is life, this is life.
I bend and I bend
This is life, this is life.
I break and I break
This is life, this is life.
I can’t stay, take me away
This is life, but is this life?

Jordan McFarlen


My empathy was taken from me
At a young age, I learned life is fleeting.
It’s hard to feel pain for someone else,
When you’ve seen the face of a friend
Whose heart isn’t beating.

Jordan McFarlen

The Shadow of a Mouse

Footfall is but a sound,
Oh, small creature,
Dance across the ground.
One’s life is but a moment,
Like the shadow of a mouse,
Few will ever know it.

Jordan McFarlen

Do I Even Believe

I asked for a mountain;
You gave me a hill.
I saw it for what it was,
Yet I feel it still.

So abandon me in the desert,
Leave me to die;
Throw me in the river,
While You look into my eyes.

Show me faith isn’t easy;
Everything I thought I knew,
Take it away,
If it isn’t You.

Jordan McFarlen

Let Me Figure This Out

One day, every day
Won’t end with a bad night.
One day, every day
Won’t end with a fight.
Let me figure this out,
I promise I might.

Jordan McFarlen

Thirty-One Kings

Rivers run dry and the sun stands still
When we live according to Your will,
O, God of Israel.

Thirty-one kings and city walls fall
When we look to You above all,
O, God of Israel.

Jordan McFarlen