Seven Wild Horses

I’m running from these devils behind me
Though the open desert until I reach the sea
Save me from this place, Lord, set me free.

I was born here—I was raised here, but
This place has never and will never be my home—
I’m a wanderer with a wayfaring soul.

So set this wild heart free, Lord,
Take it where it’s meant to be—
To the fountain, the water of life awaiting me.

Keep me running, running through the night
Through the open desert until I reach the sea—
Save me from this place, Lord, set me free.

Jordan McFarlen


Kill the Nomad

The world is wild, the unknown is scary,
So settle for the sake of similarity,
Turn this forest to a big city,
Turn this prairie to a parking lot,
The wild world is better off tamed and bought.

The mountain air is pure, the dirt path gives life,
But the new convenience store has more
Than the one down the street to the right,
So build and build again, fill the world
With banks and ATMs, strip malls and gas stations.

Let haze fill the sky, tell the green trees goodbye;
Destroy the man, tell him the nomadic life is no good;
Give him a white picket fence, a wife and kids,
But remind him he belongs in this neighborhood,
Asphalt and caffeine, leave the beautiful things unseen.

Jordan McFarlen


I am surrounded
In sacred absence;
There I find the more of less
In the absolute, in the silence,

As the desert ghosts move
In the wind;
There is more to this moment,
More to who I am,

The bird chirps
And its sound echoes
Through canyon walls,
The halls of history slowly falling,

There is more to this moment,
More to who I am;
The desert ghosts move
In the wind,

Heavy is the head that wears the crown,
Leave it behind, leave it behind,
Come with Me now.

Jordan McFarlen

The Mesa

Through my eyes is the eastern sky, the
Darkest navy blue as the sun begins to rise.
With crescent moon seated upon the horizon,
Ready to receive the morning star in its embrace,
The silhouette of the mesa brings me back to earth.

Jordan McFarlen

And I Ran

Everything that could have been
I’ve been running from
And everything in front of me
I closed my eyes so I couldn’t see

And I ran, oh I ran
From my own history
Into the darkness
Headlong into hopeful mystery

For no purpose but to escape
I embraced the wild
My own, free-willed escapade
Left behind, I left it all behind

And I ran, oh I ran
Into the blackest night
Until the stars broke in front of me
Misty-eyed, I kissed eternity

And I was never the same
No, I was never the same
My heart, my soul
My mind had changed

And I ran, oh I ran
Up and into the sky
That blackest night
Broken by eternal light

Jordan McFarlen


In the night you fly
To pillage and conquer—
Like a whisper in the sky,
A soaring, silent hunter.

To rest all day,
Oh, how wise you are—
To take your prey
Under the stars.

Without a sound,
Your taloned feet
Meet the ground—
Another heartbeat down.

Jordan McFarlen

Trustworthy and True

The old is being made new;
Your Glory, Your Kingdom,
Come into view.

What is to be said, when this day comes;
To look upon beauty
Brighter than the setting sun.

It is a dream fulfilled;
Through these narrow gates of pearl,
The entrance to eternal glory—Your Will.

Never again will I hunger;
I will never thirst,
For You are leading me to living water.

All I had known was trustworthy and true;
Upon these streets of golden glass,
My soul finds its home—My soul finds You.

Jordan McFarlen


Gentle spring, grit and gravel—
Carry us through.
Rolling river, rain-fed power—
Wash my cousins free.
Sovereign stone, stayed and true—
Change our course.

Jordan McFarlen

By The Sea

O, simple beauty and satisfaction;
In their wildest dreams,
Their love had happened.

They sat together, white hair and withered hands,
And waved goodbye to me
From the porch of their cottage by the sea.

Jordan McFarlen