To be exceptional, one might offend;
For where there is no ladder, one cannot ascend.
In this world, found abhorrent;
Distinction implores one’s very torment.
For there be not room for difference,
Where there is no standard for excellence.

Jordan McFarlen


With Every Step

I walk the valley through;
With every step,
Drawing closer to You.

Jordan McFarlen

If We’re Being Honest

Welcome to our large building with a high ceiling;
Be captivated by the stage and flashing lights,
Don’t be bothered by the guitar man whose pants are too tight.

“Love thy neighbor” ;
Oh, by that we mean please shake hands with strangers.
But only those in the pew next you,
We have a schedule we have to stick to.

Three songs in, send in the subsidiary;
Don’t worry, it will be his turn soon,
Just three more years of seminary.

Now that everyone’s had a laugh,
Let’s send up the big man.
Ten to fifteen minutes at most,
Any longer and we might have to wake up the old folks.

Oh, wait, that’s what the last song is for.
And to take a donation,
The gymnasium needs a new floor.

Just a few reminders,
Small groups meet weekly;
If you need to pray, come to the front;
Oh, and Thursdays we feed the homeless.

All right, I think that’s about it.
We’ve almost reached our time limit.
Is there something we’re forgetting?

Jordan McFarlen

The Father



Is it really you?

Of course.

How did you find me?

I didn’t have to.

It’s been over a year.

Has it?

Ever since…

I know.

Why are you here?

I’ve always been here.

I didn’t see you.

You chose not to.


It’s okay.

I’m sorry.

You’re forgiven.

Jordan McFarlen

Grace Abandoned

Your perspective will deviate
Until you believe you can’t change.
Your perception of God will become
What you make Him to be.

You’ll forget what it means
To be set free, truly loved, and redeemed.
You’ll believe every door is closed,
And turn your back on those who need you most.

You’ll lose hope, isolate yourself,
And go through the motions.
You’ll live by self-regard, follow your own heart,
And your own devotions.

You won’t finish the race set before you,
If you abandon grace and the plan He has for you.

Jordan McFarlen


Lying awake in your bed;
There’s no cure for loneliness.
The light begins to flicker;
Here they come:

Jordan McFarlen


I’m drawn to the screen like a moth to a flame;
It maims my passion and it rots my brain.
I’m living in everyone’s best day
As my own life wastes away.
Instead of celebration, jealousy takes its toll.
I want to live well, but I don’t think I can do it on my own.
I’m trapped in a box that I swiped to unlock;
A mindless sheep, another one in the flock.

Jordan McFarlen

With Every Breath

He rushes out into the wilderness—not in desperation, but in hope;
In hope there are brighter days ahead.

She wakes from her sleep in an empty bed and dirty sheets.
Outside of her window, the sun slowly sets over another wasted day.

He parks his car at the trailhead
And begins his lonesome walk to sun’s set.

She gathers herself and swings her legs out of bed.
Stretching, she makes her way to the bathroom mirror.

He breathes heavy,
His passion driving him forward.

She sighs, wiping the makeup from her face
While she tries to remember the night before.

Jordan McFarlen