You cross my mind;
I crumble.
Words I want to speak;
I mumble.
Deep in thought;
I stumble.

Jordan McFarlen



My sanity is fleeting.
My lips are misleading.
And my heart isn’t beating.
Tears streaking.
Comfort we’re seeking.
But there are wounds that need treating.

Jordan McFarlen


Damaged livers and hardened hearts,
The world You created became a broken work of art.
The empty glass begins to dim,
Only You can fill the void that troubles them.

Jordan McFarlen


I long to be far away,
Among the trees and under the stars.
Somewhere unreachable by cars.
A vast expanse, the great unknown.
A place I can call home.
A place only I will know.

I’ll follow my feet wherever they may lead,
Steep inclines and flowing streams,
With nothing but forest in between.
A place far away.
A place I can call home.
A place only I will know.

Jordan McFarlen


A room full of people,
Empty inside.
Eyes down,
Trying to hide.
Let the tears roll down your cheeks,
Not one will notice.
Their own tears are their only focus.
Our own worst enemy,
Too full of pride.
Others reach out,
But they are too far behind.

Jordan McFarlen


On a rainy day,
Two they were,
And two they would remain.
She said goodbye,
And he said the same.
There was no them,
Only her,
And only him.

Jordan McFarlen